Guaranteed SEO Results

We are given gauranteed result of your SEO project, if you we can not achived the result within given deadline we will refund the money.

When Does Our Refund Apply?

An initial period of 6 months is the minimum delivery time for our SEO services. The initial period starts at the date the first payment is made.Therefore, we guarantee results for a SEO period with Flexus Web Solutions, superior to 6 months.

The results to expect with a SEO campaign are explicitely stated in each of our SEO package i.e. "x keywords Top10 Guarantee". If the guaranteed results were not reached at the end of your SEO period with Flexus Web Solutions, two options will be available:

1- REFUND: You can request the refund of the paid fees after the 6-month anniversary with Flexus Web Solutions

2- FREE-OF-COST SEO: If you do not want a refund but rather want to carry on with Flexus Web Solutions, we will be pleased to continue working free of cost until the guaranteed results are reached or for a period up to 3 months.

Interaction with clients

Our highly experienced professional web development expirts works closely with you in order to know about your business development.


This is the crucial step in inviting your customers to your business site. We ascertain that all the new techniques of converting the visitors to the buyers are in place.

Prototype Design

We provide a prototype design that the customers find easy to handle and to navigate around your website.

Ready to get started

We are offer premier web development services in very affordable price. if you want to develop a new website send me your details To our consultant give a best quote for you!

What our client says

here you can see what our clients says about our services. then you can decide what we can say and what we offer!

FWS team is very professional.FWS teams is completed his commitment in given time deadline.

-Dr. Ashutosh Dwivedi / C.E.O. at Pilgrim Press Pvt.Ltd.

Fully professional team with professional ethics they delivered the projects on time. I recommonded people for his professional way to communication and services.

-Yogesh Shukla /

I hired Flexus Web Soltuitions for some help about 4 months ago and they've been great from the start. They were very responsive to my emails, and walked me through everything they were doing for me right from the start I immediately started to get much better traffic, and my business was coming up much higher on Google a long with businesses that I know were spending much more than I was.

-Mike / MGStyle Internetmarketin, United Kingdom